Crazy Morning Lady

Are you a morning person?  Every morning?  I’m not.  I do a lot of things to get me rolling in the right direction in the morning but the craziest thing I do is say, “Good Morning!” to all kinds of things that it’s not “normal” to talk to.  And I say it out loud  like I mean it!

Good Morning Sid!  (He’s my beta fish.)
Good Morning Sunshine! (Yep, I talk to the sun.)
Good Morning Birdies!  (Yes, noticing and greeting random wildlife feels good.)

I think you get the drift.  I don’t do it everyday, but I do it often enough to notice it.  And I do it often enough to feel a little weird about it.  However, my point is by really focusing on the happiness that lies in the word ‘Good’ and the joy that my given object of greeting brings me, I’m taking these little moments to brighten my own morning and mood.  Don’t think it’ll work?  Give it a shot anyhow, you just might be surprised.  (And if you think you’ll be embarrassed, do it in the car.  Tell me you don’t sing along to the radio in ways you’d be embarrassed about if overheard.)

Just remember to say it like you mean it!  If you say “Good morning…” the same way you’d say, “Meh, it’s raining,” it’s not going to make any difference.  You will still feel meh.

(The first installment in my Re-frame Your Mind series)

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