Falling into Change

photo courtesy of Christina Fagan

“Maybe I’m going about this all wrong.”  Have you ever felt like that?

Life is full of roadblocks that we have to figure out how to clamber over, go around, or decide if they are worth either altering or abandoning our present course.  I am currently working to re-tool my routines because they are no longer effective.  Falls brings a myriad of changes, and sometimes change means adjusting to new norms.

The sheer number of blog posts that I have now written but not posted is starting to get out of hand.  There are various reasons, but at the end of the day I cannot deem any of them coherent and worthwhile.  It seems, quiet possibly I’m trying too hard and going against nature.  Plus, there are side effects to all of this: (a) I am discouraging myself (b) I am engaging in negative self talk and finally (c) I am creating a disjointed experience for everyone, readers included!  That’s just not right.

So I’m going to try a different tact.  When inspiration, revelation, or other exciting “-ation” occurs, I am going to take you right along with me!  Weeeeee!

This current inspiration, for the overhaul of approach, was brought to me via Julie & Julia by Julie Powell.  I know, I’m late to the party!  The book has been out for so long, the movie based on the book isn’t even

new.  I tend to be a little behind on a variety of things (like I haven’t had cable anything in about a decade…).  But I’m hoping you will bear with that little quirk, maybe get a laugh here or there, and possibly bring things that you really enjoyed or missed out on back to the forefront.

But this is all a little beside the point.  Change is coming!  Change is here!  I would appreciate your feedback, especially over the coming weeks and months.  Suggestions and comments are beyond welcome!

Here’s hoping to bring in new ideas, alternate viewpoints, and a bootyload of positive information and inspiration your way on a far, far more regular basis.

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